Our Annual Meeting, 2017

Hello again! We apologize for the brief and unfortunate hiatus in our updates–but the DNA has been going through a period of growth and change! We’re excited to share with you our new direction, as well as updating you on our plans for the neighborhood in 2017, so please be sure to join us at our annual meeting on Saturday, Jan. 21 from noon to 3 p.m. at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 218 W. Ottawa St., Lansing. Though St. Paul’s has graciously agreed to allow us to host the meeting out of their facilities, the meeting is not religiously affiliated and those of all backgrounds and persuasions are welcome.

We will be featuring guest speakers, our annual auction, and food catered by Hot Chicken Kitchen. Admission is free, but donations are welcome, and be sure to bring cash for the auction! We look forward to seeing and bringing our neighbors together, and hearing how we can best serve YOU in the coming year.

The DNA Board

WHERE: St. Paul’s Episcopal
218 W. Ottawa St.

Saturday, Jan. 21 from noon to 3 p.m.

RSVPs are not required, but we’d love to know if you plan to attend! Please feel free to reach out here, or RSVP on our Facebook event!


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Lansing DNA Meeting Dates & Times


We are working on updating this website.

The Lansing DNA has a community meeting on the 4th Thursday of every month at the downtown Capital Area District Library (401 South Capital Avenue). We meet at 6:00 pm on the 3rd floor in one of the two conference rooms. Some of our past speakers have been from the AmeriCorps Vista Program, Code Compliance, Community Police Officers, Ingham County Animal Control, Ingham County Land Bank, NorthWest Initiative, and others.

Our 2017 Annual Meeting is going to be Saturday, Jan. 21 at St Paul’s Episcopal Church (218 West Ottawa Street) from noon – 3:00 pm. All are welcome!

We want to hear from you! Let us know if you have any special concerns, topical events, or interests that you’d like us to help you convey to the rest of our downtown community. We’ll give you time to discuss it at our community meeting, post on our website, Facebook, and Twitter and get the conversations started!


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Action Required- Michigan School for the Blind

The DNA has learned of a potentially troubling delay in the city council’s scheduling of a public hearing for the rezoning requirement in the MI School for the Blind redevelopment. If this hearing does not take place before February 22, the entire project could be scrapped solely because there may not be enough time to weigh its merits AND fulfill the MSHDA application obligations by the deadline.

The DNA supports referring this project to the Committee of Development and Planning quickly so that the project can get a full public vetting within a useful timeframe. As close neighbors to this project, the DNA is concerned that the scheduling whims of city council members could sabotage the redevelopment before it ever sees the light of public scrutiny.

We urge you to attend tomorrow’s city council meeting at 7pm if you can-there are public comments early and it’s critical that council hear from people who’d like to see the process move forward. If you’d rather not speak, your presence will still be recognized and noted by our council members. Additionally, you can email all members of the council (at one time!) using this address: council@lansingmi.gov. Urge them to schedule this public hearing prior to February 22. Thanks!

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Lansing: Safe & Affordable Housing- Do We Have It or Don’t We?

I will discuss ad nauseum with anyone who brings up the subject It is no secret that I’m thrilled to own a home in the Oakland/Saginaw blocks of Pine Street. It’s almost embarrassing how little we paid for our wonderful, well-maintained, much-loved-over-its-many-years, slightly historic (did you know it has its own bar-with a bathroom and separate entrance- and was owned by the Corr family for practically FOREVER??) home that I will not leave til my body’s dragged out. I have wonderful neighbors, both home-owning and renting, walk to work, (and every bar within a mile and a half) have a Lansing School District schoolbus pick my kid up to go to Post Oak, (waaaaay over in Groesbeck) have a CATA bus stop in my front yard, and gardens in the vacant lots- including that awesome one in the Marathon Gas Station parking lot. (You seriously need to go check that marvelous space out.)

Two complaints only: Pine Street’s one-way going south situation that gives me hives every time I take the car out and my own QD’s crappy wine selection.

But I’m not blind to the housing realities of downtown Lansing living. We are exceedingly fortunate to have found this house, but all around us are aging and unsafe rentals, red-tagged vacancies, and homes still privately owned by long time homeowners, but in dire need of major, costly repairs.

Which begs the question- does downtown Lansing really have enough safe and affordable housing to maintain a vibrant, diverse community of long term residents?

The proposed affordable housing development at the Michigan School for the Blind requires us to seriously consider this question and weigh it alongside other city planning goals and urban planning priorities.

The DNA has not taken a position on this effort, but let’s start the conversation with my own personal bias and this GLHC study/proposal:

Greater Lansing Housing Coalition 5 Year Housing Plan

Please let us know how you feel!


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Annual Meeting

Downtown Neighborhood Association’s Annual Meeting

Please plan to attend the DNA’s Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 23, 11-2pm!
Cool guest speakers, good food, an auction (with a live auctioneer!), and your awesome neighbors gathered together in a great location to celebrate living in Downtown Lansing!
When: Saturday, January 23, 11-2pm– a great way to have a nice lunch on aSaturday!
Where: Dewpoint in the Knapp’s Centre– it’s absolutely beautiful! (and we don’t totally don’t care if your motivation to come is simply to see inside this lovely renovated building!)
Why: We want to see old and new friends, enjoy a nice lunch, hear from interesting speakers, and have an auction!
…and How: Just show up! The event is totally free (unless you want to join the DNA or spend some cash or credit at the auction!) and you can bring your family or a guest. No RSVP required.
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